How Does Outsourcing Affect You?

How has outsourcing affected you? I know for myself, since graduating college three years ago, I have applied to a few hundred businesses with most of them not even considerate enough to have set up an auto response ( Thanks – go away- sorry filled) that  I applied.

Now, becoming a Freelance Web Designer has not been easy either. Just go on Odesk, and some of the other job boards and look at the people you are bidding against  from India, Philippines, Russia and a whole host of other places with people bidding $2.00 per hr. That’s not the worst part,  it is the people from the United States that state in the job description that they only want people that bid $2.00 per hr. Now, we all know that here in the US minimum wage is $7.25 or more, but we have thousands of people ie. businesses paying outsourcers less than that and dodging taxes also. So, how has outsourcing affected you?

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