Merchandising for an exrta buck…

Coffee’s on…!!!

So you’re sitting there thinking you need another job for some extra income. You are researching the web and you see a website that tells you that you can earn extra  money doing merchandising / mystery shop assignments by just going out to eat or doing a mystery shop at your local big box store! Beware, these companies like Marketforce and will suck you in and then spit you out.

You will play holy heck trying to get your report complete for some extravagant amount of money, that you thought was a nice price for your hard work, only to find out that the server times out while you are uploading your report.  A day later you will receive an email stating your report is not complete,  so you will call them, ” good luck with that”. You will be connected with a person that thinks they work for a repo company or a collection agency.

You will soon find out that after MANY hours of trying to complete your report with no success that you are better off financially finding a part time job in your home town.