Last chance to join the 2011 Citizens Police Academy Class

It is NOT too late to join the 2011 class.
We meet on Thursday evenings at 6:00 P.M. at the police firing range.
There are only six classes and you allowed to miss two.
The class is Free.
This is an excellent way to learn and understand why police do what they do.
So come and learn about how your police department interacts with your community, and help them do a better job of protecting and serving Grove.

Come; meet some of your fellow citizens.
This is a very fun, low keyed, informal class. The more the merrier.

This coming Thursday we’re going to learn about the use of force, batons, and pepper spray, as well as, drug enforcement. Promises to be another fun-packed evening.

Please join us on Thursday evenings. You will be glad you did!

Last week we learned about 911 calls, alarms, and what the dispatchers do. Then we learned the various ways to search a building. It was very informative and fun. Everyone enjoyed it and learned quite a bit.

For more information about the class, contact Bill Bonner at 918-786-612.

See you Thursday evening for what promises to be another fun-filled night.

Come one, come all!

Last week you can join the class for this year.

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